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Life Care continue to welcome new residents at its retirement living sites, for more details contact the Enquiry Team on 1800 555 990.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retirement Living

Do you have any vacancies at the moment?

All our vacancies are coordinated by our Retirement Living Coordinator and they vary from village to village.

How long is the waiting list?

The waiting list varies for each village.

How can I register my interest?

You need to complete a registration of interest form - download here. We will add your name to our waiting list and keep in touch with you.

What is the difference between a rental unit and a resident funded home?

Resident Funded – These homes are purchased for the market value (which includes stamp duty). This payment is an interest free loan to Life Care for the duration of the agreement and is referred to as a ‘Licence to Occupy’. When the home is vacated, your refund will be based on a percentage of the market value of the home at that time.

Rental Units – You do not own the unit. A rental agreement is provided. Rent is charged fortnightly and covers electricity, Council and water rates, ongoing maintenance on the grounds and building, and in some villages meals are included. All residents are required to bring their own furniture.

Are there any other costs involved in purchasing the home or renting?

Resident Funded – Maintenance fees are charged monthly and cover Council and water rates, property insurance and ongoing maintenance and gardening services. Maintenance fees are reviewed annually, so please speak to our Retirement Living Coordinator to find out the current fee.

Rental Units – Your fortnightly rent is all you have to pay to Life Care. All residents are responsible for their gas, electricity and phone connections and accounts. A key deposit is required, which is fully refundable after vacating.

What are the qualifications for residency in an Retirement Living Village?

The Retirement Villages Act 1987 requires that you must be older than 55 years of age and not in full time work.

Can you assist me with transport, domestic assistance or care?

Life Care at Home can offer assistance with a range of services from domestic assistance and personal care, through to respite services, transportation, social activities and network support.

Life Care at Home

When should I ask for help?

You should ask for help when the little things seem much harder to do, or when you no longer feel confident doing the things you used to do. Pick up the phone and speak to one of our Enquiry Team, they will talk you through the next steps.

What services are available?

Life Care at Home can provide a large variety of services that can be paid for by the customer direct or are funded through the Australian Government. These are: The Home and Community Care Program* (HACC) – this service is designed for those people who just need a little assistance in their home and generally includes domestic assistance, assistance with shopping, and access to social support activities. If you need this level of assistance you can phone our Enquiry Team and they will ask an Advisor to contact you to discuss what assistance you need and help you navigate what options are available for you. Home Care Packages (Consumer Directed Care) – there are four levels of packages depending on your level of need and how best you can be supported. The range of services that might be provided may include:

  • Personal care – such as assistance with showering and dressing, mobility and meal preparation
  • Support services – such as help with cleaning, washing and ironing, assistance with shopping, transport to visit your doctor, specialist appointments or social activities, gardening, basic maintenance or home modifications related to your individual needs
  • Wellness and re-enablement services – such as nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. A Life Care at Home dedicated Advisor will discuss with you what your needs are and what services could be provided within the agreed package level to assist you to stay in your own home. As the packages are funded by the Government, an assessment has to be undertaken by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The ACAT assessor determines what level of care you require. Anyone can apply for an assessment and there is no charge. A member of the ACAT team will visit you and discuss your needs, including health, mobility and social needs. Our Enquiry Team will provide you with the appropriate contact number if you need it.

How much would I have to pay?

If you are paying for the services yourself, please contact our Enquiry Team and they will give you the cost of the services you require, or when discussing your needs with an Advisor they will be able to give you this information.

HACC Program – If you are receiving a Government funded service then you will be asked to contribute to this and this will be reviewed periodically during the year.

Home Care Packages – The Government pays its portion direct to Life Care at Home and you will receive a statement from Life Care at Home clearly outlining what the Government has paid, what your contribution is and what services you are receiving.


How do I book a place for Respite?

There is high demand for Respite services so advanced booking is advised. If you are looking for residential respite services you may require an assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) (See below – what is an ACAT). This can be arranged by a family member or your Doctor, but please contact us for further information and we will talk you through what is required and who may need to be contacted. If you require short-term, overnight or day centre Respite please phone one of our Enquiry Team and they will assist you.

What is an ACAT?

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assesses and approves people for entry into aged care homes which are funded by the Government. The ACAT assessor determines what level of care you require. Anyone can apply for an assessment and there is no charge. A member of the ACAT team will visit you and discuss your needs, including health, mobility and social needs. Our Enquiry Team will provide you with the appropriate contact number if you need it.

What will I have to pay?

The costs will depend on what type of Respite services you require. Please talk to us and we will explain all of the options available.

What happens if I have dementia?

All our Respite services are able to care for people with dementia and our services will be tailored to meet your individual needs.