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Daryl Warman testimonial

Published: 11 Mar 2015

I joined the Strength for Life program encouraged by COTA SA and provided by Life Care Active on the recommendation of a friend around two years ago. I now feel moved to recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their fitness and wellbeing.

After a thorough assessment of my physical wellbeing and capacity, I commenced a program designed to build my strength and mobility.

About a year ago and after the installation of a heart pacemaker my program was adjusted to concentrate on cardio and weight loss. This has clearly worked as my weight has decreased to 93kg from around 106kg. The BUPA Health age test indicates I have a health age of 65 - that I consider great considering I expect to turn 75 later this year.

At Life Care Active the equipment is comprehensive and well maintained. The staff are friendly, well trained, encouraging and even demanding (Deb – though in a very sensitive way). The staff keep all the participants under close observation during the session and provide assistance, encouragement and adjustments to programs as required.

I feel that it's a major advantage to attend a gym that specialises in programs for the over 55 age group and that integrates these with a full range of allied health services.

So I am pleased to recommend Life Care Active to anyone who wants to improve their fitness. And this from a person who was most sceptical about the effectiveness of a gym!

Daryl Warman
Client, Life Care Active