Why work in aged care

When our people talk about why they choose to work in aged care, the most common word you'll hear is "smiles".

There are lots of careers where you can make a difference in people’s lives, but our team says there's something special about aged care. Of course, that ‘special something’ varies depending on which part of 'aged care' you’re talking about. But, for a start, here are just a few things that our people have mentioned they love about aged care.

Variety anyone?

People from across Life Care say they love doing something different every day.

Our home support workers say visiting people’s homes means different tasks done differently for different people. And our allied health team say with so many different treatments and classes, aged care is “very unique”. In other words, there's more to aged care than just "nursing homes" (and no, we don't call them that!).


It’s all about the team

Our team’s most common ‘favourite thing about aged care’ is the quality of the people. They say they work with people who share their values and are genuinely interested in how they’re going every day.

They say they feel “supported”, “appreciated” and acknowledged”. They even say nice things about our manager! (They’re “approachable” apparently!). All this means they make a bigger difference in our customers’ lives.

Striving to be the best

This might be unique to Life Care, but our people say that we’re genuinely committed to being the best, and that translates to good people doing good things for the people we support. Our people talk about our vision (“To be a Premier provider of aged care services and accommodation”) as more than words on a wall; we regularly celebrate the great work our people do (ask about our ‘Green Leaf morning teas’ if you get a chance!) and everyone is on the same page about being the best.